Study in Turkey – is of course a process. Students are curious about where and how to start their application to Universities in Turkey, Application and Admission Procedures, enrollment and Visa –

Our guide below shows you how you can study in Turkey in 8 easy steps! Please follow those steps to successfully start and finish your applications and start your new life and studies in Turkey.


In Turkey there are currently 192 universities and more then 640+ different fields of study. At first please decide about department. We can also help you about that.

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After you have made a decision about the department you want to study in Turkey, please fill out the Application Form. By filling out the application form you can choose from different universities and departments. You do not have to choose a university. We can choose or you the best suitable option.

Click here for the Application Form to Universities in Turkey

After submitting your application through our Application form, our education specialists will analyze your documents and tell you options about possibilities and let you decide. In that step you only have to tell your decision to your agent per mail or WhatsApp.

After the consultation between you and your personal counsellor – you have decided for a university. Your personal counsellor have already contacted the university and prepared your admission letter. After sending you the conditional acceptance letter – the only thing you will have to do is to deposit the pre-payment to the universities bank account. Which will lead you to Step 5

The deposit amount to universities in Turkey are usually 500 USD – 1000 USD – or 2500 USD.
In most cases, it is 1000 USD. For Medicine and Dentistry it is about 2500 USD. That deposit is included in the tuition fee and will be substracted from the total amount.

After your deposit, you will receive a Full Acceptance Letter from the university to your mail address. With the Full Acceptance Letter you can apply for a Student Visa at your local Turkish Embassy.

After all is set and done and you have received your visa from the Turkish Embassy – you are able to enter Turkey and start your studies. But there is a last final 8th step!

Before you take your flight make sure you book a dorm or a flat near or at the university campus. We will of course help you with booking a dorm or a flat.

You can talk to your agents about a dorm reservation or booking a flat.